Hello, everybody today we have an all new Italian dish known as cheese balls. it is a dish liked by all age groups of people. it also a dish which can be served for greeting or can be served as evening snacks to children. it is filled with healthy veggies. every ball is filled with the surprise of tasty vegetables. hope you all like it. now let’s start with the recipe of cheese balls……….


Preparation time – 45 minutes

Cooking time – 15 to 20 minutes

No of servings – depends upon size off the balls

1cup fine chopped Capsicum (Shimla Mirch)

 ½ cup fine chopped Carrot

¼piece of a Cauliflower (pasta gobhi)

1cup fine chopped Onion

1cup Sweet corn

½ teaspoon fine chopped Green chili

1 teaspoon oregano

Corn flour

10 slice of Bread

6 Cheese cubes

½ liters of Milk

½ teaspoon Black pepper (kali mirch)

Salt (according to taste)

Bread crumbs of 4 slice of sandwich bread (grinded) powdered form

Oil for deep frying


STEP 1 –put all  the chopped vegetables in a bowl and mix them well such that all mix in equal proportion.

STEP 2 –now add grated cheese,herbs and spices to the mix of vegetables and again mix well. Try keeping the mix as crunchy while mixing.

STEP 3 –now lets put the mix into the fridge till we prepare the outer covering

STEP 4 –now add corn flour in a grass of drinking water and mix it well

STEP 5 –take milk in such a bowl so that the slices of bread can be easily soaked. And now dip the bread in the bowl of milk

STEP 6 -Now take the bread out and do not leave the bread in the milk for more than 1 minute now take out the soaked bread and drain it firmly in your palms such that the slice does not breaks or attains a crack. Do not put all the bread once put one slice and take it out then only soak the second slice of the bread as it will save it from breaking or having any crack and also sticking to each other. This will help to keep cheese balls covering thin and eatable.

STEP 7 -Now take the bread and put some filling on it and roll it into a ball. You may use 2 pieces of bread in one ball it depends upon the size of the cheese balls and also the thickness of the ball. Repeat this process simultaneously for each cheese balls.

STEP 8 -Now take the glass of water in mixed with corn flour in a fresh bowl and dip each cheese balls in this mix once and keep the cheese balls aside.

STEP 9 -Now take the powder of bread crumbs on a tray or a plate and roll each ball in it once.

STEP 10 -Now the cooking part comes into exercise we deep fry all cheese balls and do not keep more than 2 to 3 balls in the pan and now the cheese balls are ready to be served. serve with either tomato ketchup or pudina chutney

NOTE: – do not serve as the cheese would be liquid and may face difficulty in eating.




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