Here we have a all new cheese dish for you ,the fun balls ,the tasty balls,the yummy balls the one and only cheese balls are here we have the secret recipie for the sese balls so called cheese balls. These are easy to make and very tasty to .They have all what is required to make a tasty treat to make children happy and satisfied.They can be also be a yummy and tasty lunch and also a yummy and tasty sunday brunch .They can be the party snack also the evening snack for all no matter what the age group they are liked by here we start with it. please be careful and do not make fun ofn cooking try to be as attentive as possible .here we go…….


250 grams paneer

2 tablespoon corn flour

1 teaspoon chat masala

Salt according to taste

Red chili powder according to taste

2 potatoes medium size boiled

¼ teaspoon Kali Mirch powder

2 breads

¼ teaspoon amchur

Oil for frying potatoes


  1. Mash potatoes and paneer together in order to prepare the base for the dough for cheese balls.
  2. The next thing to be done is to add and mix all spices, corn flour, and bread.
  3. Now mix and mash well and now make small balls.
  4. And finally fry all till golden brown.

According to me, it is the best snack that can be served either with chutney and ketchup. It may also be served with mayonnaise for a creamy taste and decorate with coriander

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